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"It's all gucci it's all gucci" ―Abdul al-Rahim

Abdul al-Rahim, or just Abdul, is a maniac taxi driver with insane driving skills that are, depending on who you ask, the best in Los Santos. Has been in several car chases with police and has successfully outrun them on more than one occasion. Abdul may be a psychopath, but he is usually pleasant and means well, though can be very petty, and vengeful to other taxi drivers.


Character Background

Abdul is of Egyptian decent and somehow has over 30 children despite being a virgin. Owns the largest and most successful Taxi and Limo service in the city, Abdul's Taxi Franchise, and at one point worked for Bernie's Parking LLC before being fired after his first day of work. Is currently unhappily married to his husband Rajj Patel. One trait Abdul seems to have is that he is liked by many police officers, despite his crimes, which many other residents suspect is due to being a snitch, rat, or otherwise some form of suck up to authority.


On 08/11/17 Abdul and Rajj were joined together in matrimony.

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