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Adam Shelby is currently a Senior Paramedic with the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services.

Early Life[]

Born in London, England, Adam was raised by a single mother who worked as a Call Girl to try and keep a roof over their heads. He never knew his biological father, whom his mother always described as some dead-beat drug dealer that she never saw again after a drug and alcohol fueled night that ended up resulting in Adam's conception.

Adam and his mother struggled to get by during the first few years of his life, living out of leaky, damp flats where they could barely afford to put him through school, let alone afford food to put on the table. Primary School was rough for Adam. The other kids knew to some extent what his mother did for work and he was constantly picked on and bullied by the other kids for it. He was even treated horribly by the parents and teachers, who thought of him as barely human. This resulted in Adam constantly being caught up in fights with the other kids and would always end up being the one solely punished for it, regardless of the others' instigation and bullying. Starting from this young age, anyone speaking ill about his mother quickly became a trigger for violent outbursts.

By the time Adam was 11 years old, he and his Mother's dire situation was noticed by his Uncle, who was in town on business. He offered to take them both in if they would come back with him to his residence near Birmingham, where he would help pay for Adam's schooling and give them a place to call home that they didn't have to share with rats and drug addicts. Adam's Uncle had also been previously struggling with trying to raise his own family of four kids, but had recently begun embarking on his own less-then-legal business enterprise, which consisted of some local, small times arms dealing. He offered his sister and her young child a better life in exchange for their assistance in his latest venture.

Throughout his early teens, Adam began to grow very close with his cousins, becoming especially close with the oldest, Leo, who was similar in age. The two became inseparable, always running off and getting into all kinds of mischief together. For the first time in Adam's life, he was starting to discover what it was like to be happy and have friends. Life was finally good, until a new kid moved into the high school he and his cousins attended. Coming from London, Adam recognised the kid from his old school. It wasn't long before this kid started to spread word to the other student about how his mother used to work as a prostitute and the bullying began again. Adam couldn't control himself, unleashing his rage upon the kid, beating him to a bloody pulp in the school yard before teachers and other students managed to pull him away. The kid almost died, and his injuries resulted in severe, permanent brain damage. Adam was immediately expelled and spent time in a juvenile detention facility at the age of 14.

Adam was given a stern talking to by his uncle on release, suggesting he pull his head in and to stop embarrassing the family name over petty squabbles. He started to spend some time helping out more with the family business to try and make up for the public disgrace he had brought down on everyone he cared about, especially his Mother. Spending his days assembling and disassembling firearms, packing them up and sending them off to who-knows where, he began to think about where they would end up and who they would end up eventually hurting. This became more apparent after being involved in a number of conflicts with rival groups, where he got an up-close and personal taste of the work he'd been involved in. Leo started calling Adam "Adam Eagle" due to his preference in carrying and using a Desert Eagle as his weapon of choice. Whenever asked about it, Adam would simply reply "If I'm putting a hole in someone, I might as well make it a big one"

The Paramedic[]

Leading into his late teens, Adam started to develop some moral issues that began to manifest more and more in the back of his mind regarding the hurt he was causing to people. It was at this time he began to think about how his actions needed balance, to counter the negative energy in his life with something positive.

Seeing ambulances rushing to a scene he'd fled late one night, the idea popped into his head of becoming a Paramedic, helping others to counter those that he hurt. Fortunately, he'd never been convicted of anything other then his stint in Juvenile Detention when he was 14, and at 18, went back to school, eventually moving back to London to begin his studies in Paramedicine.

After graduating, Adam remained in London, working as a Paramedic and also working on the side as a contact point as someone his uncle could trust to help move goods through the city.

Moving to America and Life in Liberty City[]

By late 2019, despite a volatile situation involving a rival group known as the Finnigan family at the time, Adam was given the task to head over to the USA, where he would act as liaison for the Shelby family in Liberty City, reaching out to contacts there and enabling trade between the UK and USA.

Adam continued working as a Paramedic in Liberty, though it was a vastly different life compared to what he was used to. He was far away from everybody he knew and had to adapt to a completely different culture. He spent a lot of time negotiating deals with members of some local Mobs that ran Liberty's underground, and also got involved with some of the local biker clubs, where he began developing a fondness of Motorcycles.

In May of 2021, there was an altercation during an arms deal where the LCPD raided a meeting between two groups involved with the purchasing of Shelby weapons, where many members were either killed or apprehended. This resulted in the arms trade to the USA being completely cut off. Fortunately Adam was working on the other side of town when all this went down, and could not be linked to the situation due to his care in separating himself significantly from any potential altercations.

San Andreas[]

Since there was nothing tying Adam to Liberty City anymore, and no further work lined up for him either in America or back home, He figured it was time to move on to the next chapter of his life. Hearing that his cousin Paige had been working as a member of the San Andreas State Police for the past several months, he figured he could move to the West Coast and be close to some family again.

In June 2021, after serving as a Paramedic in Liberty City, Adam saw open positions with the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services and transferred departments, resuming his role as a Sr. Paramedic there and looking forward to being reunited with a familiar face. The reunion went unexpected however, as Paige had been critically injured in an explosion the very day Adam arrived into town.

After finishing his first day with the SAEMS, Adam thought he would stop in and visit Paige in her hospital room before turning in for the night. When walking into Pillbox Hospital, to his surprise, he discovered his youngest cousin Nora pacing around in the front lobby. After a brief catch up, they both went and sat by Paige's bedside for an unexpected and solemn family reunion.