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Adrianna Brooke is Amber Pae’s cover identity created to protect her from the Leanbois. Brooke’s cover job is an assistant manager with Wetworks Consultancy.


During her time in Los Santos, she was involved in multiple feuds with the Leanbois. At the time Pae was contemplating suicide to end the misery. 

After coming across Nino Chavez, she was talked out of this decision. Instead, the duo came up with the plan to stage the suicide. Together they found an unknown girl, with the likeness of Pae. The body was made unrecognizable and thrown off a bridge. Chavez called the cops to report the apparent suicide. 

In her new identity as Adrianna Brooke, she first started her job as the assistant of Nino Chavez. Not much is known about her current whereabouts.