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Al Saab, generally known as Saab, is one of the founding members of the Leanbois. He is known for his charismatic and social personality. At times, he served as Lang Buddha’s eyes and ears in the field.

Character background[]

Early Life[]

Saab grew up in a harsh environment to rich parents. It was soon decided that wasn’t the life he wanted. 

Emergence of The Leanbois[]

It wasn’t until Saab met up with Avonn Barksdale before he entered the life of crime. As one of the members of the Leanbois, he witnessed the burning of Dannie Slater. Saab was involved in the feud between Leanbois and Amber Pae. This escalated in Saab pushing Pae’s vehicle off a cliff. 

During this turbulent period, he was dating Vivien Lake. Saab made love with Lake for the first time in the back of Buddha’s van. This caused Buddha to crash the car near Paletto beach. 

Life After Avonn[]

Leanbois only consisting of Corleone, Saab and Buddha, soon started to recruit the likes of Reginald Bigglesby, Peter Ross and associate Fanny Pudding. This meant a new era of crime for the Leanbois

Leanbois Insurances[]

Together the Leanbois under the leadership of Tony Corleone and Lang Buddha came up with Leanbois Insurances (LBI). Their first hire was Veronica Neptune in the position of “sexetary”. The insurance company would provide the clients with repair kits and free taxi rides. During this period he met Veronica Neptune and till this day they are currently still dating, though there is a lot of bickering within the relationship.

Post LBI[]

With an enormous debt, Saab soon was looking a way to pay off the debt. With the help from Trooper Eli Thompson, he started his community service at Bernie’s Parking LLC. His outstanding work was rewarded with a job at the parking lot as a manager. With the help and support from his job and his girlfriend, he was able to pay off his debt. 

Million dollar race[]

Saab teamed up with his girlfriend Neptune to enter Kimchi Adventures. Although not winning any rounds in the qualification rounds they received a wildcard. In the final race, Neptune was not able to enter the final race due to illness. Saab entered the final with Anton Mathers, they were not able to win the race.  

During this time, his relationship with Veronica Neptune ended.  

He returned to Los Santos in 2018, as many thought he had died after a shootout with the cops, but that was untrue as he went into hiding.  

Known Victims[]