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Alex Casey was a member of The Grove Street Family.


Alex Casey moved to Los Santos from Sweden at the beginning of June. He started out with robbing warehouses and one day when he was looking for a van to steal in the east side of the city he met Jay Reign who invited him to a new life of the streets.

Later he met AJ Thomson and they became very good friends.

On the 14th of August, Alex joined up with The Grove Street Family as a recruit.

Early on November 5, 2018, Alex Casey was taken from Los Santos by AJ Thomson, Matthew "Chuggs" Minor, and Jadyn Caesar to southern Blaine County. Suspecting him of being a CI for the SASP, AJ Thomson dug a shallow grave - after Alex refused to do so himself - and Alex was stabbed multiple times by Jadyn Caesar after the former attempted a last stand in which he punched his would be murderer. After multiple stab wounds, the three members shot him repeatedly, and left his body where it fell. His corpse was found approximately a day after the incident by Trooper Klamar and Cadet Gunn.

Alex's house on Grove St