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A college student who hasn't enrolled yet, Alexander Marshal likes to go with the flow and full send it.


Alex looks older than he says he is, but that's probably due to the large amount of weed he smokes. He also sells it to try and pay for his college tuition. However, on his first attempt, Alexander was pulled over with his "unck" Marco and thrown in jail. He spends most of his time raging with other university students like Chad Tanner and Taylor DeThomas and chilling with Marco.


After being arrested 3 times and sent to jail twice Alex seems to have shifted to a more criminal lifestyle after seeing the law isn't on his side.


  • His left nut is less sensitive than his right nut due to being kicked by a mysterious and badass pirate.
  • You've probably heard that he goes to Miami every spring but that's fake news, it's staying with his parents and trying to buy weed from high school students for this Litty Dude.
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