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"Hey shug"


Alicia Derecho is a soft spoken, southernish sounding, biracial, bisexual woman haling from approximately no where.


Early Years

Alicia's father was an active military man during her childhood, which meant that most of her formative years were spent moving every couple of years. She often struggled to make friends and frequently got into trouble.

Young Adult Life

Growing up in a deeply religious family, Alicia found herself leaving home at the age of 17 due to the constant criticisms of her family, namely her eldest sister Sidney. Alicia's sexuality was often a topic that was thrown around and scorned, as was pretty much any action Alicia ever did, good or bad. When she left home, she also dropped out of school, opting to acquire her GED at a later time.

On her own, Alicia had a tendency to get herself into trouble. What she couldn't smooth talk her way out of, she settled with fists. Because of this, she found herself moving often. She's heard to say "I stay in a place until I get bored or wear out my welcome" when asked about her wanderings; this is where that all started. Over the years Alicia has picked up a long list of odd jobs, which has made her skillset both vast and yet incredibly shallow. Jobs that she's worked on the legal side of things include retail, bartending, event managing, occasional design work, and even had a short stint as a secretary/body piercer at a tattoo parlor.

Los Santos Life

In her usual fashion, Alicia pinned a map to a wall, threw a dart at it, and traveled to where the dart landed. This time around it just so happened to be Lost Santos. After being in town for a bit, Alicia met Dick Hall, who offered her a potential job as a secretary for him, Anita Drenc, who offered her a bartending job at the Monarch, and Maria Romano, who offered her a job over at the Vanilla Unicorn. The secretary job fell through and she ended up taking the job as a part-time bartender at the Vanilla Unicorn. A few weeks later she was approched by Eddy Dufresne about working at Premium Deluxe Motorsports, which he (along with Cliff Hanger and Timmy Fletcher) was in the process of reopening. Alicia took him up on his offer eagerly.


Alicia doesn't speak much about her relationships prior to Los Santos. When asked about her current relationship status, she'll often say that her bed doesn't go empty or that it's complicated.

Currently she's in a long standing, no-lables, friends-with-benefits situation with her roommate, Anita Drenc, and previously had a short fling with Dick Hall.