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Alyssa Jericho is a girl of African American and Puerto Rican descent. She is best described as an ambitious hard worker with a love for adrenaline. One who has endured much and still has the will to stand on her own two feet. She cares deeply about those she is close to and will self-sacrifice if it means keeping them safe.


Life In Brooklyn[]

Alyssa was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She was raised mostly by her stay at home father. She barely knew her mother who was often gone for long periods of time due to a job within the military. When she was young her mother died during an active duty tour. After which her father took care of her alone. That would be until her father died as well in a car crash that Alyssa was apart of as a teenager. 

From there she moved in with her father's twin brother. A known drinker but Alyssa saw nothing wrong with it. That was until in his grief over losing his twin drove his drinking to a new level. In his drunken rages, he often subjected her to multiple instances of abuse, breaking her bones often. She dealt with it for a time, taking it as punishment for the part she played in her father's death.

This would go on for a few months, only stopping when the physical abuse almost turn sexual. She fought him off, slamming his head into a glass table before running away for the night. This motivated her to finally leave the house for good and just endured being out on the streets. She would pick up some tips and skills from other local homeless people in her area. Taking all she learned and applying it to a new way of life. This would last for a few years and after finished high school, she decided to move somewhere to start over fresh.

Life in Los Santos[]