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"Sometimes forever isn't the person, it's the lesson you learn from them. Sometimes the point of doing anything is just the journey it takes you on."
―Mandy Hannigan


Amanda Hannigan is a generally upbeat young woman with a colorful fashion sense, open-book mentality, and a love for urban exploration, microbreweries, dogs and mom-and-pop businesses. She left Oregon after deciding to abandon her longtime boyfriend and then-fiance at the altar.


Amanda is third generation Irish, born and raised in various small townships in Oregon before going to university in Portland and graduating with a degree in Communications.

During college, she's admitted to working as a ghost writer for various magazines, including several adult publications, which she claimed to be "the best money she ever made" in writing. She also worked as a weekend columnist for the entertainment industry, but expressed that it wasn't very good money for the amount of work and travel she had to put in.

She abruptly left Oregon after being offered a place in journalism workshop and potential internship with a major news outlet in Los Santos, which unfortunately fell through shortly after her arrival. Instead of writing professionally like she wanted to, she began working at a temporary agency and other places of flexible employment, until she met Malachi O'Brienne one night at Face Down Ace Up and quickly took to both him and the sex toys industry.

In recent months, she and her partner Malachi O'Brienne became increasingly distant and frustrated with the remnants of the Irish in Los Santos, and set off to start their own company under the name Shylock Enterprises.

However, she realized she needed a hobby and outlet to offset the amount of work and stress she's accumulated during her time in the state, and recently joined the Midnight Club as a member, and works out of the Midnight Auto Shop in Mirror Park to do outreach within the car enthusiast community and work on project cars.

In her downtime, she turns her efforts to soothing the hurts that many in the state seem to carry with them.