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"Do you even know how to Fuque?"

Amber Pae taught Kiki Chanel how to Fuque with her K.O.C.

Character Background[]

Amber moved into the city after maxing out her own credit cards and her parent's and wanted to teach a lesson by having Amber earn her own cash.

Amber's father is a 60-year-old Korean who married a gold digger Caucasian 30-year-old wife. Due to the failure of having a child together, they adopted Amber and heavily spoiled throughout her life.

During her time in Los Santos, she had a very blunt personality by criticizing people's fashion taste, looked down at the poor, and had very high standards for her future love interest.

Amber was a love interest of Harold Wilson until she faked her own suicide and disappeared. She took on the new name Adrianna Brooke and created a new identity.