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Current Leader of the Grape Street Crips.


American gang leader Andre Grove was born on August 21, 1992 in San Fierro, San Andreas although his full name was “Andre David Grove.” He was the son of Francesca and Charlie Grove and grew up with his other brother Dominic. The Grove family moved to Los Santos, San Andreas in 2010.

Soon after they had settled, the young Grove took leadership over the Grape Street Crips in 2011 which, like many street gangs at the time, mainly consisted of males aged between 12 and 36. He had jumped Trey Sanders into the gang to help him represent. The Grape Street Crips were then better known as the Devils’ Crips. By 2014, the Crips had merged with several other gangs and had grown considerably more powerful in opposition to their chief rival, the Be-Bop Watts Bloods, a much larger organization. Grove led the Crips in wanton violence against the Be-Bop Watts Bloods and other organizations like the smaller Mac Mafia Crips, and sometimes against people who were not affiliated with Los Santos' gangs or the gang life, in order to generate respect and fear.

In 2016, Andre Grove was shot six times while exiting a club in Vespucci. It was discovered that Be-Bop Watts Bloods founder Lavonte Thomas had ordered the shooting; he “commissioned” several 16-year-old teenagers to kill Grove. Surprisingly Grove survived and continued to run the Grape Street Crips.

By 2018, however, Grove became increasingly aware that the violence he and other gang member were regularly engaged during their “wars,” was endangering the survival of Los Santos' African American communities. Therefore, he decided to forge an alliance with the Mac Mafia Crips' Stacey Lowrey in order to reduce the frequent gang wars. Grove, Sanders and Lowrey ran the gang alternatively. Grove became “shooter of the streets” and gained his nickname: “Pop.” They failed however to bring the largest gang in Los Santos, the Be-Bop Watts Bloods, into their alliance, and gang warfare continued. This led to Lowrey passing away after getting killed in a drive-by shooting in Davis. The gang then disbanded and Andre Grove and Trey Sanders then went onto running the Grape Street Crips in Jamestown.

From the day Andre turned 18 years old, he was arrested 17 times but was charged less than half a dozen times for crimes he allegedly committed. He continues running the Grape Street Crips to this day along with a couple more shooters.