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Andrew Smith is a driver for Gruppe 6, a personal security company.


Armoured Truck Robbery[]

On March 10th, 2018 he was flown into Los Santos to collect cash from multiple banks in Blaine and Los Santos County. He and two guards that were protecting the transport noticed that multiple dirtbikes were following the armoured truck and contacted the San Andreas State Police. Meanwhile, two criminal organizations, 101 and SecuroServ, noticed each other following the truck. Upon noticing this Mav Doretto contacted Freddy Price and agreed to hit it together when it reached the Sandy Shores FLEECA Bank and split the cash. Upon arrival, the two guards exited the truck and entered the building to withdraw the cash from the bank. Jeffrey Connors rammed a stolen tow truck into the truck to immobilize the vehicle and pin it against the wall. Whilst that happened, 7 to 8 dirtbikes and sanchezes pulled up and shot the two guards. Andrew was then thrown out of the truck and got held up with automatic weapons. He noticed one of the robbers(Frank Murdock) got hit with a pistol and exclaimed "That was me Freddy, You idiot!"