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Angelica is a former model that started her career in Los Santos as a bartender and has since become the owner of Bahama Mamas.


Angelica Carlisle was born in Houston, TX on March 18th, 1981. She was an average student and after completing high school she moved to New York where she worked in the modeling industry for roughly 15 years.

She started out modeling which came with an addiction to cocaine in order to keep up with the competition. After a holiday visit home, her family confronted her about her addiction. Angelica took off on the first plane back to New York and began distancing herself from her family. After nearly 7 years of modeling Angelica suffered from her first overdose at an after party for her first major commercial debut. She then briefly moved back home to Houston where she entered rehab.

Upon completion of rehab, she moved back to New York in an attempt to prevent models from suffering the same endless loop of drug use she had. She became a modeling agent and tried to keep her employees from making the same mistakes she had. This however was a fruitless endeavor and she became the one who just watched after them to make sure they were given medical treatment if needed. She continued to fight with her own addiction issues.

After the death of one of her models and close friends, Angelica left the modeling industry and moved to the west coast to get away. This is where she met Daniel Pitre, in a whirlwind relationship they were quickly married.

Angelica Pitre came to Los Santos in July of 2019 with her husband Daniel Pitre. Her career started as a bartender at the Yellow Jack Inn followed by the Monarch night club. She then made her first attempt at night club ownership when she tried to purchase the Vanilla Unicorn from Nancy Flutterbottom where she lost in a bidding war to Donny Donnerson. She continued to work odd jobs which landed her a position with Frontline Enterprise.

She met Riley Faulkner when she commissioned a poem from him to give to her husband and they became fast friends. They remained friends until her divorce mid February 2020. Angelica suffered a relapse after her divorce, Riley helped her with the recovery and they began dating. The two along with James Clifford and Vicki Munrow worked to bring Frontline Enterprise to new heights in aviation and shipping.

Angelica's primary employer was THICC where she moved up to COO and manager of the Monarch night club until the club was sold to Logan Marshall. Angelica attempted to make a counter offer for the purchase of the Monarch to keep the club in the THICC family but lost. She then took over management of the Bahama Mamas under Anita Drenc. After the passing of her boyfriend Riley Faulkner on April 25th 2020, she focused all of her energy on running the club neglected her trucking position with Frontline Enterprise where she spent the majority of her time with Riley.

Angelica then met medic Jordan Rivers after a murder kitty attack near the Catfish View Lighthouse. Jordan was seemingly only a rebound "friend with benefits" until Addison LaCroix "no balls'd" Angelica to deliver Chinses take out to EMS one night in lingerie. The two then began dating officially.

On July 2nd 2020 Angelica and Jordan Rivers became engaged. Within a few days, the purchase of Bahama Mamas was completed along with Angelica taking over Frontline Enterprise in the absence of James Clifford. On September 20nd 2020 Jordan and Angelica were married. The two have been working to officially adopt Hannah Savage but consider her their daughter in any case.

Angelica currently runs Bahama Mamas and has split off the trucking division of Frontline Enterprise into Phantom rentals. She is currently working to obtain her pilots license to continue the flight portion of Frontline Enterprise, a new all encompassing company name has yet to be determined.