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"It's whateva"
―Angelina Medici
"No jacking people off"
―Angelina Medici


Angelina was born in Italy, but swept away by her mother to the US to try to save her from the Medici family lifestyle. Angelina never forgave her mother and at 16 years of age, took off to find her father, Lorenzo. She went from city to city searching for him, seeming to always be one place behind him. One day, Angelina finally found her father. Lorenzo took her in to make up for lost time, and was slowly easing her into the family business. The Medici's bought a club, but the Medici's were at war, and Lorenzo was called back to Italy to help run the family from there. Angelina continued the war on her front, but was later called off by Lorenzo for her own safety. She gave up the club and decided to no longer live in her fathers footsteps, secretly hoping he would return to her one day. She moved to Los Santos to make her way on her own, with all the knowledge working for The Medici she had tucked in her head.


Angelina is very willing to throw down and rock any one she has a problem with. Most of her "victims" use rude terms for women and are just all around disrespectful.

  • The Narrator - Stole Angelina's quesadilla and called her a whore
  • Wayne Linq - Punched for being drunk on the job and storing weed in a company vehicle
  • Chad Tanner - Slapped for crying when Angelina pulled out her SNS pistol
  • The Narrator - Called her a slut again at the Yellow Jack
  • Princess Bubblegum - A cute pug in Rockford, died from being speared with a heel
  • Kiki Chanel - Hit with a hammer for ramming Angelina's car
  • Ella Stone - Punched in the mouth for calling Angelina a bitch. Not a fan of coffee with foo-foo stuff.
  • Sam Medlin - Punched out for stealing Angelina's car