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Introduction []

The Angels Of Death are a motorcycle club that operate out of San Andreas, one of many chapter across the globe. Originally created as a small riding club in 1949, the club then later grew into a multi-national gang.

History []

In March of 2020, whilst shopping at the Motorcycle shop near Legion Square, Jax met Elijah Fergeson. Both bonding and getting along due to being part of separate chapters, they explored the city, and tried to earn some cash. They then decided in that moment to reform the San Andreas Chapter Of The Angels Of Death.

However after some time from not hearing from Jax, thinking that he had left the state or moved on, Elijah took over the role of President on the 1st July 2020.

Although some time of being the sole member of the Angels Of Death Elijah ran into Olly, a member of the Death Dealers. Elijah started to role with the new Motorcycle club, of which after some time on the 29th July 2020, became a prospect for the club, therefore folding the Angels Of Death.