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Newest member of the Grape Street Crips.


Antonio Rodriguez was born on March 2nd 1991 in Sinaloa. This being the "Cartel Capital" of Mexico, Antonio was introduced to the streets at the age of 14. Antonio's father name was Joaquin Rodriguez (dead) and his mothers name is Teresa Rodriguez (alive). His father was a Mexican Cartel Sargent and fell to the streets when Antonio was 16 years old.

Antonio excelled in his time in mexico working with the Cartel. He was young and was not initiated into the gang but was assigned to push drugs both in Mexico and assigned to smuggle into the states.

Many years later, Antonio moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco. He then set up a center of operation in the border city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, where he coordinated drug trafficking activities more closely.

Antonio finally decided to move to the Los Santos after a Mexican connection acquired a hook up through extortion and blackmail for immediate citizenship and passport to LS.

Once Antonio arrived at LS he quickly met members of The Grove Street Family who quickly got him going. After many months in LS he met and started to work with Andre Grove and Grape Street Crips. He has recently been initiated into the gang.