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Aquaria Lightfoot is a spiritual healer who offers crystal Chakra healing.


A formerly wealthy teenager from Vinewood, Aquaria escaped a home of veiled abuse at 16 to travel the world.

She spent several years in the UK training as a Pagan Priestess and learning ancient druidic rituals and chakra healing in Glastonbury.

After the UK, Aquaria travelled by hitchhike or bike throughout Europe and Asia until finally, aged 30, she headed back home to the city of Los Santos after being deported from India under mysterious circumstances.

Ambitionless and hopelessly against the 'system', Aquaria earns a meager living offering Crystal Chakra healing services, selling junk and busking/singing on the beach.

She has recently been made a part of the Scarlet Valkyries MC and has moved out of her Stab city Trailer to live in her club sisters' new house.