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Ashton James, referred to as "Ash", is from Ludendorff, North Yankton. Former President of the United Rebels MC (UR) in Ludendorff, he was forced to leave his hometown due to a setup from within. He worked out of Mexico a few years smuggling stolen cars for Paco Gonzalez and his crew before moving to Los Santos to try and live a normal life.

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Ashton "Ash" James is the son of Ava and Aiden "Duke" James and was born in 1984, and raised in Ludendorff, North Yankton. His father, the founder and President of Silent Sons MC, died in 2000 With Silent Sons being the only thing he ever wanted to become a part of, Ash dropped out of high school at 17 to fulfill his dream of joining and begins prospecting with the Club. He becomes a fully patched member in 2001 amd only a few years later becomes President himself, the group would disband after displeasure from the senior members. Ash would later group together former members from other Motorcycle Clubs to form the United Rebels and for a decade they were the dominant biker gang in the city.

Downfall and Mexico Edit

Being the target of law enforcement for years UR unknowingly recruited a CI and suddenly one by one members were being sent to prison. Ash realizing that he had a traitor in his ranks questions each member only to end up killing the wrong man. The CI sets up a fake 24 car heist job for the crew to be setup by the police. A few members realized this and the plan was to kill the CI before a checkpoint but the plan went terrible and only a few people made it out. Being wanted in Yankton Ash goes far south to Mexico for a few years where he meets Paco Gonzalez and becomes a driver to boost expensive cars and bring them into Mexico from the USA. He also took jobs in Chihuahua, Mexico as a drug smuggler when going back to the States this is where he met Jesus "Chuy" Palafox who was the middle man between him and the Juarez Cartel.

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