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Ava Scott is a civilian and someone who is nice to everyone she meets. She finds herself in all kinds of trouble since coming to the city. She is married to Connor Scott.


Ava was born and grew up in Manchester, England. She lived the typical life and as a teenager, she met Connor Scott in high school. The pair ended up dating and, despite Connor’s criminal ways, they ended up getting married. When Connor’s less than legal activities landed him in jail with a longer sentence it left Ava alone to fend for herself. She fled Manchester after sending divorce papers to Connor and living in fear of the men Connor was involved with.

Ava ended up in Los Santos and eventually started to make friends. Through fishing, she met Father David and store clerk Noose Ilendar. She even went on to meet several other people including Ollie Denbus and Tobius Huxley. Eventually, her past caught up with her when Connor turned up in town too. Connor was able to talk Ava into giving their relationship another go and since then things have been good for the pair.

During her time in Los Santos, Ava has been shot, robbed, and most recently kidnapped by the Colton brothers. This has made Ava a paranoid wreck and often jumpy at the slightest thing. She seeks out people she knows can protect her when her husband isn’t around, preferring the company of barber Todd Sweeney.

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