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Avery Jenkins is a State therapist at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center in Los Santos and runs the city-renown "Taco Tuesday". Currently married to Sheriff Deputy Jason Doyle and is well known for being good friends with doppelganger Ella Stone.


Character Background[]

Avery Jenkins arrived in Los Santos in 2017 without a real purpose at first. She floated between jobs and friend groups with the only real constant in her life being her relationship with Dante Dankweed. After completing her GoogleU diploma in May 2017, Avery was employed as a state therapist at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center under the stewardship of Allen Gory.

After the Paleto Bay Bank Robbery and subsequent shooting of State Trooper Jason Doyle on July 7th, Avery was assigned his therapist and they grew close. After Dante ghosted Avery for over two months, Avery broke off their relationship in a heartfelt letter and has started dating Trooper Doyle.

Avery runs the "Taco Tuesday" promotional day every week with her taco van where people all over the city rush to a secret location hinted on Twitter all in the hope of getting her taco and winning an ever-changing cash sum.

Avery obtained a 49% stake in the Parsons Rehabilitation Center upon Pastor Gory expressing his wish to pass the ownership of the Rehab Center to Avery and fellow state therapist Zoey Lyrais.

Absolutely terrible at driving. Like the worst.

Started the Church of E L I

The Incident[]

On Dec. 26th, 2017, Avery was hit by a GoPostal van driven by Dannie Slater, she was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries including a lacerated spleen, kidney injuries (One kidney had to be removed the other is in bad damage, doctors are searching for a donor), suspected spinal injuries, and possibly some neuro injuries. As of 12/28/17 she's currently at Crusade Medical in a medically induced coma.

AS OF JANUARY 1ST 2018 ----

Ms. Jenkins has been assessed by Neurology for responsiveness tests came back with response to verbal stimuli. Pt. has been assessed by dermatology for skin lacerations, they have indicated there will be permanent scarring and potential skin graft needed in the future. Pt. has been assessed by Endocrinology without significant findings, reassessment should occur with neuroendocrinology to ensure normal brain function is resumed. Pt. pupils remain dilated without response to light. Pt. has been assessed by respiratory therapy and MD has removed endotracheal intubation equipment from pt. and pt. has resumed own respirations, shallow and fast but still intake.   

Ms. Jenkins still presents with renal failure at this time, nephrology to manage and continue search for kidney donor to attempt to resume normal function, at this time pt. to remain on dialysis. Pt. lipids have been returned to normal.

AS OF JANUARY 5TH 2018 -----

Avery has received a kidney from an unknown donor and is now out of the hospital.

It was confirmed that Avery was the recipient of Sgt Sautter's kidney.