"Listen, if you're with me and we're gonna go all the way, Lean with me." ―Avon Barksdale

Introduction Edit

Avon Barksdale is your common run of the mill criminal. He's predictable, not the brightest apple of the bunch, but can be a force to be reckoned with.

Biography Edit

Character Background Edit

Avon Barksdale's past is a mystery, but his love for mischief is clear. On his first day in town, the soon-to-be leader and one of the founding members of the Leanbois. He had the audacity to throw a punch to an innocent civilians face directly in front of Trooper Eli Thompson.

That wasn't enough to sate the taste for crime, money and occasional blood.

Emergence of Leanbois Edit

When the Leanbois were formed, he recruited Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, Bob Coolidge & Al Saab. They aren't the smartest gang of them all, but they can get the job done. The number of members gradually increased from the originals.

At the moment it is unknown Mr. Barksdale whereabouts is.

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