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Colors: Light Blue, Baby Blue

This newer incarnation of the Aztecas currently inhabits Fudge Lane. They deal primarily in low-level crime and play a part in the crack market.

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Upon arriving in Los Santos, Hernando bought a BMX and began seeking out likeminded petty criminals. He found himself on Fudge Lane where he met Josue Diaz after both were independently confronted by members of the Grove Street Families. On account of Josue's grandpa being an OG Azteca and having heard him tell stories of "the good ole days," Hernando and Josue determined to watch one another's backs as a new generation of Aztecas.

Past:The Azteca's main territory is Harmony and Sandy Shores, being headquartered around the Senora 24/7 and YouTool stores. The main interests of the Aztecas include drugs, guns, and their homes. Aztecas run out of the Senora Desert due to having been run out from North Rancho by the Vagos long ago. For now, they focus on raising money and arms as well as selling weed and stealing chemicals for business. They have recently made a push for their Barrio and partially reclaimed it.

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