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Bahama Mamas is a nightclub formerly owned by the Vespucci Kings, located on the intersection of Marathon Avenue and Prosperity Street Promenade. Ownership has since been taken over by Arthur Baldwin.


Originally, Leon Church bought the club and had a back room installed. However, it was never opened under his ownership, only serving as a glorified office. He eventually sold it to Bob Coolidge, who brought it in under his holding company, "Crown Investment Group". Ownership was then taken over by Anita Drenc who founded THICC. The Bahama Mamas was then sold to Angelica Rivers. When Angelica moved away, the club was passed on to her adopted son, Lucian Cornel, who promptly gave the club to Piper Rose.

Following a rocky attempt to get the club up and running, Piper decided to sell the club, eventually selling to Arthur Baldwin.

Former Staff[]