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Bambi McHenry, also known by her maiden name Bambi Carter, is a happy-go-lucky goodie two-shoes often found loitering around the city of Los Santos with her husband Grant Mchenry. She is currently pregnant with twins.


Character Background[]

Bambi came to the city on a whim, with not a cent to her name. She moved from job to job to make her living until she could fully support herself and her easy-going lifestyle.

It wasn't until some persuasion from her friend, Zim Pontes, that she put in her application for EMS, which resulted in her first rejection. More coaxing from her fellow friends in blue led to her interest in instead becoming an LEO, where she had spent many months doing ride alongs with various members of the LSPD and BCSO. After her application had been rejected, she had fully realized that she would not be happy placing her friends in prison but instead would like to help them with their problems.

She has recently reached out to Pastor Allen Gory to try and begin her training to become a licensed Therapist.