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"....Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah."
―Benny Gorsch


Benny Gorsch is the shady director and producer for the reboot of "That's Just How It Goes". For a while Benny made his living selling drugs to former child actors, Bob Winslow and Will Goodman. However the two weren't able to afford their drug addiction and became massively indebted to Benny. In an attempt to get back the money he was owed, Benny recruited the two actors (along with their former co-star Darnell Jackson) to film a revival of their shared childhood sitcom "That's Just How It Goes".


Not much is known about Benny's personal life other than the fact that he is Korean and a drug dealer. He had a history with Bob and Will, in which Benny would sell the two cocaine and pharmaceuticals, even though neither would ever pay upfront. Although he is fond of Darnell, he has a great dislike for Bob and Will and only ever referred to them as "Asshole" and "Fatboy" respectively. Despite this, he still continuously supplied the two with cocaine during the production of "That's Just How It Goes" and would often join them on their coke benders.

Benny also had a sound board of various audience reactions that he would play both on and off the set.

That's Just How It Goes[]

In an attempt to make some easy cash and get back into the spotlight. Benny, Bob, Will, and Darnel all joined together to film a pilot episode for their rebooted sitcom. Because of the lack of budget to the production, the group would drive around the city and "cast" random citizens (mostly women) to play the extra characters. They would often lure them in under the guise of an official production team, but on few occasions the group would just flat out kidnap people. Every attempt to film the pilot would inevitably lead to the extra actors being forced to recite their lines at gunpoint. Once the hostages would finish their roles in the script the group would plan to murder them in order to cover up their tracks. However due to the the crews incompetence many of the hostages were able to escape unharmed.

Known Victims[]

  • Preston Landor: Bludgeoned with a baseball bat
  • Ha Ding: Execution by firing squad (along side Darnell and Will)