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"You've gotta pay to park here, son."
―Founder Bernie Sandusky

Bernie's Parking LLC (aka "The Lot") is a central parking area located in Los Santos. The Lot features two levels of exterior day parking as well as an underground garage service for storing vehicles overnight. Bernie's Parking LLC was owned by Mr. Bernie Sandusky until his death from cardiac arrest on August 1, 2017. The Lot is currently operated by Al Saab, former manager under Mr. Sandusky, and is currently owned by Bernie's daughter Rachael Sandusky.


The Lot has been owned by the Sandusky Family for 80-years. Rachael Sandusky, Bernie's daughter, traveled to Los Santos shortly after his death to claim his will and ownership of the parking lot. However, a police investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr. Sandusky's death kept ownership in the hands of Saab until the parking lot was formally bequeathed to Rachael.


Bernie's Parking LLC is located on San Andreas Ave. | Pillbox Hill. Parking rates are set daily and customers are expected to pay the fee and receive a ticket stub before parking their car in the above-ground area or in the underground garage. Parking fees are subject to change at any time and are influenced by the cost of medical bills accrued by Lot employees who are assaulted on-the-job.


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