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Beverly Malcolm is a homeless man who hangs around people looking for information.


Beverly is a long time friend of defense attorney Leon Church and tends to hang around him. This is up until a recent fall out where Leon explicitly told Beverly to stop bothering him about a subject and leave him to process recent events, yet Beverly persisted and caused Leon to become frustrated and push him away.


Beverly joined Eastside Epsilon, but after failing to follow orders, Ned Felman sent him to get $5000 on his own without question to prove his loyalty. Bev returned to Ned and told him that he had $10,000, but kept questioning Ned and trying to get him to come with him in his car to get everything sorted and prove himself. Ned told him he's done with Bev which led to a gunfight in the street between E$E and Bev, where he was shot multiple times and nearly died.