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Blaire Carter was a fun, caring person with a sarcastic, sassy side. She loved traveling and strove to become a Trooper in the San Andreas Highway Patrol. She was a recruit awaiting academy when she passed away.


Backstory / Current Day[]

Blaire was raised in a small family home up in Paleto, San Andreas with her mother, father and little sister named Julia. Her father worked at the lumber mill and was a quiet, calm father figure while her mother was very bubbly and social and worked at a diner around the corner. Blaire took after her father and Julia took after their mother. Blaire was extremely level-headed, calm, dedicated to studying and schooling and aspired to be a police officer one day. She was a quick learner and very dedicated to being the best she can be.

Blaire's mother took part in some gambling on the side to make a little extra cash for the family but also hid it from the family. One night her gambling debts caught up to her and her mother was in fear that they would come after her and the family so she demanded that they all needed to leave the house as soon as possible and move away. Blaire's parents argued back and forth and Blaire's mom ended up leaving and taking Julia with her while Blaire stayed with her dad in Paleto. Blaire kept a necklace of Julia's with the letter "J" carved into it and wears it often. She has not heard from her mother or sister since they left.

After High School, Blaire wanted to explore so she moved to Las Venturas to seek out more opportunities in the police field. She met a few officers in Las Venturas and learned a lot from them and strived to be like them. After being in LV for some time, she and two officers from LV decided to make their way to Los Santos to transfer over to their Highway Patrol unit. Her two friends transferred in while Blaire was awaiting her academy date after being accepted into the recruit stage.

After returning to Los Santos, Blaire went on multiple ride alongs with law enforcement and had reunited with her two friends from LVPD who are troopers in the San Andreas Highway Patrol, Mason Kennedy and Mike Hunt.

Unfortunate Death[]

On a late night ride along with Natalie Wynn, they pulled over a white SUV with blacked out windows. The situation seemed under control until both occupants exited the vehicle with masks on and pulled out automatic weapons and pointed them at Wynn, demanding she kneel down in the street and comply. Both Wynn and Carter were able to leave the traffic stop unharmed but they were on edge for awhile.There seemed to be a lot of heat coming from this same group of people that escalated on multiple occasions.

On March 5th, 2020, Blaire received a 12"x12", brown, wrapped package to her front door of her motel room. She called Wynn and advised her of the package where Wynn then stated to not touch it. Blaire was slightly curious and confused and without any knowledge to some of the violent events that had been occurring around the city, she gently lifted the box where it then exploded instantaneously. The deadly explosion launched various shrapnel of bolts, nuts, etc. in every direction and lit the surrounding area on fire. Blaire was launched backwards, off the railing of the second story of the motel and onto the pavement below.

On March 8th, 2020, at 2:01 EST, Blaire Carter succumbed to her injuries and passed away in Pillbox Medical. The official causes of death are: Asphyxia, Hypoxia, Exsanguination - Complications ultimately from concussive and shrapnel injuries incurred in the explosion. A list of more injuries can be found here in a small portion of the autopsy report.

Played By: Sarapocalypse
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