Introduction Edit

Bob Coolidge is one of the founding members of the Leanbois and the Leader of the Vespucci Kings.

Character Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Coolidge was born and raised in Los Santos near the Grove Street. He has a longtime friendship with Lang Buddha. Growing up Buddha’s grandma would bring food over to Coolidge place and drop it on the porch. This hasn’t changed since.

Emergence of The Leanbois Edit

He was recruited by Avonn Barksdale along with Lang Buddha to the Leanbois. He was involved with the rest of the Leanbois during the burning of Dannie Slater. During this time for reason unknown Coolidge went missing. 

Return to the City Edit

After his return to Los Santos Coolidge had his first encounter with Alexis Freeman. Coolidge was set up for a meeting with Buddha. It turned out that Alexis Freeman and Ben Kerry lured him to the strip club. Spotting the duo on the roof Coolidge took it upon himself to shoot down Kerry. 

Later on, all parties talked it out which resulted in a tattoo on Coolidge’s right ass check. Coolidge soon decided to pursue setting up a legal business with the help of his friends. 

The Vespucci Kings Edit

With all the Leanbois going inactive. He decided set up his own gang called Vespucci Kings in order to do things his own way in the world of organized crime.

Prison Edit

Bob went on a wild goose chase with the cops, and attempted to kill three cops which resulted in him being sent to prison. He is currently still serving that time, it went to court and will have to serve community service and 60 days without a firearm when released.

Known Victims Edit