Introduction Edit

Bobby "Pyle" Irvine is an aspiring pop star from Sandy Shores who has a love for his own body and a hatred for The Lost MC. Prior felon and possible sex addict.

Biography Edit

Bobby Stargazer is somewhat of a loveable rogue in Los Santos. Stargazer believes himself to be a desirable man in peak physical condition despite being morbidly obese. Describes himself as being "sexy" on a routine basis, his catchphrases are a series of burps and grunts and maintains his musical ambitions despite a severe lack of talent.

Stargazer is also a known felon who has committed several crimes, including shootouts with police officers. His criminal mishaps have led to bad blood between himself and former State Trooper Eli Thompson, who refers to Stargazer as "Pyle" and "Fatbody". Bobby suffers from delusions of grandeur and body image issues.

He and friend Jack Deakins enjoyed spending quality "bondage time" together, and occasionally went on fishing trips to wind-down. Bobby and Jack once decided to start up their own limousine rental company, under the name "Lyrical Limos", with Bobby singing to customers whilst Jack drove the limousine. The company was a huge failure, and could not attract any paying customers.

Bobby and brother Robby Irvine own a used car dealership, selling used cars at heavily discounted prices.