Introduction Edit

Brandon is a 30 year old male born in Liberty City. He was a former Semi-Pro BMX Champion. He had lived in Liberty most of his life before a series of events lead him to Los Santos for a while, meeting up with his cousin Casey Jumper.

Biography Edit

Brandon had made trips back and forth between LC and LS to visit his cousin Casey Jumper. He had involved himself with the motorcycle club The Lost MC where he came into contact with Bobby ‘Dragon’ Goodman and Nancy Flutterbottom where he became a prospect for The Lost MC. He had been with The Lost for a few weeks before having to be called back home in Liberty City. He went back home and transferred his Prospect status to the local Alderney Chapter that was rebuilding themselves from the fold that happened after Johnny Klebitz left the charter to form the one in Los Santos years prior. 

Brandon would eventually get patched into the club. He would face various threats which mainly involved shootouts with the Angels of Death and the Albanian Mafia which joined forces to push the Lost out of Alderny and his home burrough of Algonquin. Push backs and forth between the three groups ended in mostly bloodshed. Various key members and Brandon himself would end up doing at least six months in The State Penitentiary for aggravated assault charges against the Angels of Death/Albanians, though the police couldn’t prove some of the murders that took place between the warring factions. 

Getting out of Prison, the various Lost MC members went back to the charter to realize that the president of the charter and his old lady had taken the club funds for themselves, not contributing and not valuing club rules or their fellow brothers and sisters in the club. President Link and his old lady Jemmora attempted to flee into the rival organization The Madrazo Cartel but were apprehended by various members of the Uptown Riders and the Lost MC. There was a national meeting to decide the fate of these two. Two chapter members from every Lost MC charter was required to attend. 

Various members from Vice, LS, Ireland, Australia, Sweden and then Vice-President Tabitha Reagan from the Manchester Charter and one of the Enforcers from the club was one of those in attendance for the blooding out trial that took place a few weeks later. There was a massive discussion back and forth as Link and Jemmora were considered traitors to the brotherhood and the patch itself. The ruling was not in their favor.

Brandon, Topaz, and three other members of The Lost MC took them 

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