Introduction Edit

Brittany Angel is a former member of the Liberty City Police Department. She is currently a Trooper of the San Andreas State Police, but she used to work as a tow driver and mechanic for Big Boi Customs.

Biography Edit

Liberty City Edit

While not much is known about her time in Liberty City, Brittany has shared a story about a response to a fight in progress. She ordered a homeless man on-scene to drop his knife. When he refused and started approaching her, she fired on him, killing him. She refused any type of therapy to help her through this incident in fear she would be fired. This caused to her immense guilt over the years as she just wants to help homeless people, which was why she wanted to be a police officer as a child.

San Andreas Edit

On her first day in the city (October 29, 2018), Brittany was run over by Matthew Minor while on her way to the phone store. She was taken to Pillbox Medical by Medic Adam McLeod, who recommended she apply at Big Boi Customs. While there, she not only got a job as a tow driver (and days later, with some training, a promotion to mechanic), but also a date with Adam.

She took a week's vacation on November 16, 2018 to visit her parents in Liberty City, but her return was delayed until December 5. On December 13, 2018, she left BBC after hearing Alessi Fuccillo talk about how Magnus Frank dealt in cocaine bricks and learning that her coworker and friend Alexandra Ricci was kidnapped, fearing that her working there was the reason the shop was attacked.

After a few weeks of relaxing and hiding away in her motel in Paleto, she applied to be a member of the San Andreas State Police and was accepted as a recruit. After intensive training and work in the academy, she graduated on March 3rd, 2019, and became a Cadet. She was promoted to Trooper on March 29, 2019.

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