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Bullworth  is situated in the state of New Hampshire in the United States of America.The city of Bullworth has a population of 1,280 and contains 4 police stations ran by the Bullworth Police Department, and 4 medical centers spread throughout the town. The town contains 6 different districts including the academy, outside of the the academy there are 5 more districts within the town. There are also several bus stops throughout the town, the school bus will come by and pick students up and take them to and from the academy.


  • Bullworth Academy is the town's independent boarding school for the nation's children.
  • Bullworth Town is the commercial borough of the city, housing many of the town's shops and the town hall.
  • Old Bullworth Vale is a borough, which has two main areas. There is a shopping section, smaller than Bullworth Town, and a residential area, which houses many of the wealthier residents of the town.
  • New Coventry is the run-down, urban-poor borough, consisting of mainly tenement housing. There are few shops, housing the poorer residents of the town.
  • Blue Skies Industrial Park is the industrial borough of the city and is home to the Townies clique. The area houses the poorest residents of the town and mainly consists of factories and industrial buildings.
  • The Happy Volts Asylum is the city's asylum and houses many patients.