Byrone Tiggum is a crack dealer who use a little too much of his own products something that has made him a bit unstable and crazy, not to mention dangerous.


Byrone drives Crack Taxi as well as a horror tour ride to the pier in a limo where he reenact a mass murder by hitting people with the limo. He has done this several times and it is unclear how many victims there is.

One of the few people he respect is Miss Lee Kimchi whom he calls 'grandma'. She usually are the one punishing Byrone when he's been bad.

One of his few friends are Johnny Davidson who keep hanging out with him despite that Byrone keep putting his life in danger.

He has had several run-ins with Anna May whom he keep terrorize with his crazy ideas. The first time he met her he was convinced she was possessed and exorcised her by throwing her into the ocean and demanding that she changed pants because they were 'ricist'. Then her took her on a crack dealing tour that ended with a mass murder reenactment and Anna May drowning. He managed to get Anna May on two more mass murder reenactments where the last one ended with her, and another customer, drowning again. He also knocked her off the Vinewood sign convinced that she was possessed again. Miss Kimchi then knocked him off it to punish him for what he did.

Byrone see crack as a right and get offended if crack is not available. He's especially irritated over that Anna May refuse to put crack on the tacos she sell with something he calls a 'crack shaker'. It all finally came to blows when an enraged Byrone robbed Anna under gun threat and demanded her to pay him $5000 everytime he sees her. This time Anna went to the police and Byrone was caught and sentenced to 20 months in jail.

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