Introduction Edit

Sparks was a 23 year old peppy, derpy biker who was learning her new path in the city.

Biography Edit

Camilla Waters (Later known as "Sparks") used to be a reporter for Weazel News alongside Magnus Frank. During this time she met Magnus Frank, who reminded her of her late older Brother named Blake. Through their work relationship, Maggie became an older brother to Camilla. He convinced her to buy a motorcycle and they began riding together. One day after a heated argument, Camilla drove out on her motorcycle and ended up getting in a bad accident. She woke up in the hospital not able to recall almost anything from the past year and a half.

Camilla got the nickname "Sparks" after she cut her hair in a fit of frustration. Magnus, who had crashed his motorcycle on the freeway made comment that he was going to starts calling her "Sparks" or "Sparky" because her hair looked "Like a dragon Fart".

After a short amount of time, she was riding the motorcycle again only to find out that it wasn't safe to do so. While fishing, Magnus suggested starting an all female motorcycle club and since then Sparks has been slowly building it up. She wanted to keep the MC legal, but with war brewing there was concern of the path she will take.

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