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Carlos "C-Lo" Machado is an old face to some but a new one to many more having traveled in and out of the city through multiple chapters of its history. His most known return however is his most recent where he met with Baada Ka who paired the returning criminal up with Paco Gonzalez and Las Calaveras.


Early Beginnings[]

Carlos was the son of Rafael Machado born in Juarez Mexico. His father was a investigator within the Policía Federal Preventiva working cases on the influx of cartel violence in the area. The cartels were ramping up recruiting to a younger audience and Carlos noticed that many of his friends began traveling down what he saw as a dark path. His father was always distant a very stoic personality that had a hard time separating his professional life from his family and as Carlos hit his teenage years the distance of his father started to affect their relationship.

Cartel Life[]

A little after Carlos' 16th birthday he was approached by a childhood friend named Hernando. Hernando was always had a nice bright personality and a heart of gold so Carlos respected and trusted him whenever advice was tossed his way. Hernando after a short session of catching up informed Carlos that a cartel had set up a new narcotics network near him and his families home. The conversation turned grim as Carlos was informed his friend had no choice but to join the cartels operations for the safety of his family. After the discussion Carlos went to report the news from his friend to his father who he assumed could help rescue him and his family but instead his father had different plans. He informed Carlos that he should approach the cartel as a prospective new member. The cartel Hernando had joined was a rival one to the cartel his father was working his case on the Barrio Aztecas and the information Carlos could bring to him would aide in shutting down all the narcotics operations in Juarez. After a week of arguments with his father Carlos caved and became a smuggler of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Organization or the Juarez Cartel.

Carlos quickly rose past the smuggler rank displaying what the cartel saw as a level head while also displaying respect to his higher ups. He was placed into a role as an enforcer collecting money from people either hiding or unwilling to pay and also killing or beating anyone who didn't show respect to the cartels presence. The cartel war however was escalating to extreme amounts of violence and with Carlos and his father on opposite ends of the conflict it was only a matter of time. 6 months after becoming an enforcer Carlos was informed his father was killed in a shootout.

Los Santos[]

Carlos knew word of his father's death would spread and the news of him being a Federale would soon reach the cartel. He fled to America to live with a family member to avoid Cartel retaliation against him. He wanted to escape the life he once had but soon he figured out that a new home with a high crime level just meant more of the same. His early days in LS were just Carlos doing odd jobs were gangs of the past whether it be selling narcotics, being an extra gun in conflict, or enforcing a turf. He had made a name for himself in the underground while also remaining a ghost to the police. Carlos would soon leave town to aide in getting some more of his family to America from what was now a war torn Juarez.

Las Calaveras and Familia[]

Upon returning to LS after the move Carlos was met by a man named Baada Ka who informed him of the way the city was being run. Carlos was paired up with the set down on Grove Street where he would become a small narcotics dealer and occasionally run cars down to a small chop shop in the South side. Carlos one day after a few narcotics deals roamed down to the La Mesa Skatepark where he met the owners Paco Gonzalez and Lauren Agostini. He immediately took a liking to Paco as he reminded him of some old friends in Juarez. Paco and Carlos would meetup a few more times before one day he informed Paco of some news he had heard through the city. The next day he received a call from Chief who took him to the vineyard where he would be questioned about his stance on a few of the Southern sets. That very next night Carlos was invited to join LC, make a name for himself, and be adopted into a new familia.

The Fall[]

Everything wasn't euphoric on the South side however. After Carlos joined LC tensions began to rise between them and Grove St and after many of the members of LC stepped away voicing growing frustrations with leadership Grove St. approached Carlos and Lauren on the block looking for Paco where they would inform the 3 that they were to move out of the South in a week. The threat did not fall on deaf ears the 3 packed their belongings in the cars they had and left that night. Carlos however knew that the information that Grove had shared did not come to them just by luck. A former member had turned informant all of which Carlos knew too well from cartel life. Carlos would soon aide Paco and Lauren in the death of their mutual friend Chuy as the shotgun from Paco didnt kill Chuy because of the amount of narcotics he was on Carlos used an SMG to finish the job and also make sure that there wouldn't be any more leaks of information.

Soon however tensions would hit an all time high. Paco and Lauren would leave town and Carlos would use a boat to take him where his old friend Hernando who had risen through cartel ranks all this time promised to keep him safe.

The Return[]

After a few months Carlos would return to the city reuniting with his old friends who he saw as his only family. After discussion it was settled the remnants of LC would move up North to start a new life. One of less conflict and more peaceful surrounding but Carlos knows Los Santos and his gut feeling always tells him that nowhere is ever peaceful and its only a matter of time.