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Casey Jumper was young adult that worked at the Tribe & Co. Skate Park. He was seen at the Tribe & Co. Skate Park and the Vanilla Unicorn, but was more-so seen at his autoshop Jumper Autoworks with his motorcycle club.


Casey Jumper came to Los Santos eager, and willing. He was very gullible and willing to help with anyone for anything. Casey was picked up but also got to know Nancy Flutterbottom, and Manny McDaniels for a long time. He learned the ropes about how things worked in LS from them. The ins and outs of things. After they left, he did his own thing for a while, before leaving Los Santos for a good year or two, then returned.

Tribe & Co. Skate Park

Once arriving to Los Santos once more; he was quickly snatched up by Chief at the Skate Park. To which afterwards Baada Ka immediately told Nancy, to which she replied, "Wait... Casey who?" and he replies with "Casey Jumper", then shortly after gets her way to the skate park to reunite with her old friend. They catch up, and she lets Chief know about of some of their history together. Chief begins to trust Casey, because of Nancy, and helps him pay off his car that he got recently financed by Alessi.

Family & Relationships


Casey rarely talks about his past and his immediate family so little is publically known about them. He has a cousin Brady Jumper that comes back in town every once in a while, but who has since relocated and has a family of his own.


Casey formerly dated Tandy Rose, who was dating Tyler Stevens, when they met. After Tandy and Tyler broke up Casey and she began to grow closer and he got to know more than just the innocent side she portrayed to the world and she came to know him as more than just a “Skate Park Guy”. They broke up on mutually friendly terms and remain friends to this day. Tandy is now dating Connor McGrath, Casey’s Sgt-at-Arms in the Grim Wolves MC.

Casey dated Honey DeVoe whom he met at the Vanilla Unicorn shortly before being sentenced to Bolingbroke Penitentiary for the attempted murder of Nelson Wylde, “The Narrator”. They met again when Honey served a short stint in Bolingbroke halfway through his prison sentence and renewed their acquaintance after Casey was released. They quickly realized a mutual attraction and Honey moved in with Casey in Paleto where they now live. Both have complicated pasts which drive their current actions and give them an unexpected connection despite what might seem like an odd pairing to outsiders. Casey ended up serving a second term in Bolingbroke for the attempted murder of Randall Park; an incident that occurred prior to Nelson Wylde. Honey waited for Casey while he served out his sentence, and they are continuing their life together while dealing with the changes that two long term prison sentences have affected in Casey. Soon after Honey had to head back home to tend to a family matter, and decided to split with him, since she did not know when she'd ever come back to San Andreas.

Casey was dating Hayley Gray. Two broken idiots that just clashed together so well, and keep each other in check.

The Tribe

Casey was approached, and bled in when he came back to Los Santos after his vacation with his girlfriend at the time. Casey left Tribe in November to put his full focus on the M.C. and left on good terms.

Grim Wolves M.C.

Helped co-found The Grim Wolves Motorcycle Club with Randy Boston, and being the President has been at it ever since.

Death Dealers M.C.

Casey left the Grim Wolves M.C. because of the trust issues that arrived with the sudden changes and attitude that Switch, aka Randy Boston has been showing. Letting people know that he wanted to take Casey reign as President, instead of just keeping it in the club. He was offered a patch over by Jeremy Omen, who had taken the reins as Death Dealers MC's newest President. After he which took a bit of time deciding, but after hanging with them for a bit; it made his decision clear as day. He had church with Grim Wolves to explain, and announce his patch over to Roxanne Cooper, who he gave his President patch to. After leaving church and getting things situated; Jeremy gave him a package with his patches, and he became a member of the Death Dealers M.C.

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