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"The Frat God"


Chad is your typical 'frat-boy'. He is a business major at ULSA. His personality being almost non-existent, just like his attention span- yet his 'aura' is almost memorizing enough to grant him the advantage to manipulate just about anyone that is willing to speak to him for longer than 10 seconds.

Chad seems to be glued to his phone almost every second of the day. If someone near him is dying, or the police desperately need him to make a statement- he is 10/10 times going to respond to them with "Hold on..." as he either checks his phone for texts or composes a tweet directly in-front of whoever is attempting to get his attention. Typically if he does compose a tweet within your presence there is a very high chance you will open twitter to a sub-tweet from none other than the Frat God himself.

Chad is greatly known for his subtle roasts, his contagious laughter, and his ability to do merely nothing resulting in endless hatred from those who come in contact with him.

"Taylor is such a dumbass bro haha"

Played By: PENTA
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