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"You need ride? I get you there, fast and cheap!" ―Chang Wei


Chang Wei is the self-proclaimed "number one taxi driver", he is in competition with the other drivers, who are all rivals. Generally, he'll do many sneaky things to squeeze extra money out of a ride. Often he takes revenge very seriously, willing to do jailtime to see his enemies get their dues. He seems to care deeply, be scared of, and hate his wife, whom he's trying to get into Los Santos from Shanghai.


Chang Wei along with his wife, Mrs. Wei (unseen) moved to Los Santos from Shanghai to work as a "Vehicle for hire". Pushed by his wife having to earn more money, Mr. Wei worked more than one job as a public transport. Some of the public transport companies that Mr. Wei worked for are Downtown Cab Co., Uber, Lyft, and others. Mr. Wei also trying to start his own partnership company along with Bill Ding offering rides while Mr. Ding gave the tour. The price of the rides are not fixed and can range from $5 - $5000 depending on their mood or the passenger's behavior.

One of Mr. Wei's goals is to be able to afford and own the Sultan RS for his "Public Transport" company due to the vehicle having a greater speed than his current Vapid Stanier Company's car.

His second goals are having to earn more money to make his wife happy.

Sometime in 2019 Chang Wei moved out of the city with Bill Ding


"Meter still running."

"China numba one."