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Introduction []

The Chaos Crew, founded by Savannah "Socks" Springfield in 2019, is known for creating chaos around the state of San Andreas, often taking credit for the many vehicle explosions that can be heard throughout the state with their catchphrase, "Chaos!" They are a group for hire willing to do most things from security work to assistance with robberies.

Biography []

The Chaos Crew was born from the desire of Socks and Violet Grey to have a family of their own after they felt they were abandoned by Baada Ka following conflict with The Lost Nomad M.C. Socks had little luck in recruiting members for the Sisterhood MC, of which she was the President, so she chose to convert the Sisterhood to the Chaos Crew to eliminate the requirement that members ride motorcycles. Any returning Sisterhood member has the option to automatically join the crew.

Despite engaging in criminal activities, they are mostly nonviolent and refrain from seriously hurting or killing people, especially cops, unless as a means of self-defense. Their weapon of choice is a crowbar, and they typically do not carry firearms. However, Socks and Violet expressed interest in purchasing illegal firearms for self-defense, believing that other criminal groups in Los Santos will begin to take them seriously if they have "big guns" after speaking with Amber Finklesteen, girlfriend of Socks and close friend of Violet, who acts as an unofficial adviser to the group.

The Chaos Crew's base of operations is the Chaos Camp, which is a trailer park located in Sandy Shores near the Purple Dinosaur. They were allied with members of the Death Dealers MC due to Socks' close relationship with the group that was formed while she was in the Sisterhood, although that changed when most of the Death Dealers they were friendly with left and the club was reformed with remnants of the Lost Nomads.

Former Members[]

  • Sadie Masterson (Skid) - Left the crew to reform the Scarlet Valkyries MC. Remains an ally of the crew.
  • Emmet Bickowski (Ratchet) - Ousted from the crew after walking off after an argument with Socks and then having been discovered to be working with cops to bait Leo Ballard and have him arrested during Chaos Crew's conflict with Leo.
  • Kallisto Eros (Zodiac) † - Left the crew after stabbing Socks in the chest with scissors when Socks refused to reconcile differences with Emmet after finding out he was working with cops.
  • Fawney Rhodes