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Charlie Bird is a senior Paramedic with the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services.


Charlie Bird was born and raised in a small town in Texas. She married young but in 2015 lost her husband in a freak Motor Vehicle accident with a truck while coming home from a football game. The accident had also left her severely Injured and in a medically induced coma. Sometime later Bird awoke and was released from the hospital, Charlie decided to take a year to herself before going to nursing school, so she decided to embark on a road trip to Washington. However when she broke down in San Andreas, fell in love with the county, and after seeing a flyer for the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services she decided to stay.

New City New Life[]

Charlie joined the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services and became fast friends with Daniel Bishop and Wesley Thorne. She eventually moved in with Bishop as friends and roommates, but this soon evolved into more. Daniel later proposed to Charlie but shortly after called off the engagement in July.


On March 4th 2019, Charlie Bird Applied for the SAEMS

On March 27th 2019, Charlie was Hired by the SAEMS

On April 13th 2019, Charlie went through the SAEMS Academy

On July 31st 2019, Charlie was Promoted to Paramedic

In November 2019, Charlie was Promoted to Senior Paramedic and received the FTO Certification

On January 20th 2020, Charlie was Promotion to Lieutenant

On April 18th 2020, Charlie was promoted to Captain

On June 24th 2020, Charlie was promoted to Deputy Chief of EMS

On September 2nd 2020, Charlie took a demotion back down to Senior Paramedic

Fun Facts[]

  • Charlie loves Harry Potter, she is a self-chosen Hufflepuff.
  • She considers marshmallows to be the top of the food pyramid.
  • She has a twin brother Chance Bird.
  • She is allergic to bees.