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Cherry Wood (born April 15th, 1997) is a young woman who, after moving around the country (and the world) her entire life, finally separated from her family to move to Los Santos, seeking more excitement and distraction in her life. She's a vivacious and flirtatious woman, with a strong serious side to her.


A Life in Torment[]

Cherry was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, though very quickly her family began moving non-stop again, ensuring that at no point did she have any consistent group of friends. This, combined with the fact that she wasn't close with any of her siblings, meant that Cherry had very little experience in making real connections with just about anyone.

At the age of 13, her father began abusing her in just about every way imaginable; she suffered through physical, sexual, mental, emotional abuse, and more. Since she wasn't close with anybody, not even her mother, she didn't feel safe confiding in anyone. As she progressed into her teenage years, she began seeking out ways to distract herself from the torture she experienced at home; video games, reading, TV, films, and most prominently, partying and sex. Since her family was moving all the time, and usually long distances, she never had to "deal with" developing feelings for anyone she slept with, and never even considered the idea of having feelings for anyone, or dating.



A Life in Regret[]


"As red and delicious as you look right now."[]


"I just can't let myself be in love with you anymore."[]



  • At some point in Cherry's life, she was a stripper, going by the stage-name 'Pussycat'.
  • At some point in Cherry's life, her mother was having an affair with a man, who Cherry slept with to aggravate her mother.


Played By: CyrusMercer
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