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Chester McGlen is a quiet taxi driver who hears voices in his head that tell him what to do.


Chester is originally from Liberty City. He came to Los Santos for reasons unknown. He has undiagnosed mental illnesses, which may include severe social anxiety, psychosis and/or schizophrenia. He speaks very little, and very quietly and does not often reveal personal information, possibly as a defense mechanism.

He provides taxi and Uber rides. One of the first riders to hire him was Lily Sky. She was immediately kind to him and got him to open up a little bit. He spoke about feeling connected to the water and about fishing, which is an interest they both share. Her friendly demeanor evoked a compulsive and protective reaction from Chester. He obsessed over her safety after dropping her off at the Yellow Jack, and after texting to check up on her, she invited him there for a drink. Chester does not drink but decided to go anyway to protect her.

Voices in Chester's head convinced him that people at the Yellow Jack were going to hurt Lily and that they were mocking him for being weak and inadequate. As a result, he pulled out a knife and killed or seriously injured 4 people at the Yellow Jack. He was arrested by Trooper Bayo, but screamed to be let out of the police cruiser, and stated that he wanted "to go home," and "needed my insulin." Trooper Bayo transported Chester to the Sandy Shores hospital, where the medical staff confirmed that Chester is not diabetic.

At the Sandy Shores police station, Bayo attempted to question Chester, but Chester kept insisting that he needed his insulin, and just wanted to go home. Bayo gave Chester a "5150" sentence (imprisonment pending psych eval to determine whether or not the subject is a danger to himself or others).

He was eventually evaluated, cleared and released.