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Chris Adams is a member of The Gambino Family.


Chris Adams was born in Chicago. His father was American and his mother was Swedish. When Chris was 3 years old his father was killed and Chris and his mother moved to Sweden. When he was 18 years old he moved back to Chicago to find out what happened to his father. To this day he still don't know.

Chris moved to Los Santos when he was 24 years old and started to steal cars and selling weed. One day he had weed on him and a stolen car and he got pulled over by Trooper Johnny Dazzler and Trooper Alice Novoa. They ID'd him as Chris due to earlier encounters and Chris tried to flee from the cops. He crashed the car and started to run on foot. After breaking line of sight from Novoa around a corner Chris pulled a knife and stabbed Trooper Novoa in the stomach then ran away.

Chris got in some beef with Bernie Lowmax and tried to kill him. There was a shoot out between them in the downtown area and later Chris shot him down at the 24/7 up in Vinewood, walked up to him and stabbed him a few times and then ran away before the cops arrived.

Later Bernie came after Chris for revenge, shooting him down outside the pillbox bank. Cops ID'd Chris and he was sent to jail for attempted murder of a peace officer, attempted murder for the Bernie incident and among other smaller things.

Chris plead guilty in court and was sentence to 60 days in jail. After having some trouble inside jail his time got extended and he ended up spending 120 days in jail.

He was released in November 2018 and went back to the life of crime. He meet Erik Falk and Dante Wolf when selling on the streets. They became closer and closer and that led Chris to join up with The Gambino Family.