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Introduction Edit

Chung Fei was the right-hand man to Baada Ka and former member The Tribe. He is a gun dealer and is a member of The Grove Street Collective.

Chung is a confident and aggressive man with little patience. However, he has a knack for thinking things over before acting. He is extremely loyal to his family and friends; loyalty is held dear to him.

Biography Edit

Chung Fei was born in 1991 in China but then moved to Chinatown in Liberty City in 1995. His family moved because of his father's job offer to work for a loan shark down at the docks of Liberty City. After moving to Liberty City, Chung was introduced to the criminal underworld in Chinatown at the age of 15.

He started working closely with the Hop Sing Boys/Hop Sing Tong. He was at a young age, so he did not play a big role, but he was used as an information broker and scout. In 2011 Chung moved to Los Santos to seek "business" opportunities for the Tongs. After moving to Los Santos, Peter Keng Quee was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and the Hop Sing Boys and the other gangs in Chinatown slowly died out after the creation of the Asian Police Gang Task Force in Liberty City, Chinatown. Chung then decided to stay in Los Santos, and lay low. The start of 2017 Chung started getting back in the game, and try to get the something going again.

Notable Events Edit

With a new start, he connected with Baada Ka and begin working under him, becoming his right-hand man in the Tribe.

In April 2018, The Tribe formerly had a merge with The Lost MC, and is now The Lost Tribe. Both before and after this merge he has had a good relationship with Dragon and Erik Falk which was a big reason for his acceptance of the merge.

July 2018, Chung didn't see eye to eye with Nancy. He left The Tribe which resulted him in joining The Grove Street Collective.

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