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Conner McDowell is from Liberty City, he is a member of the Vespucci Kings. He is often seen rolling around with Bob Coolidge or Rocco Ringetti.


Conner is from the Liberty City area and has a noticeable accent that reflects this. He and Rocco Ringetti both decided to move to Los Santos where they met Bob Coolidge and soon became members of the Vespucci Kings.

Conner has a rather flat, square, chin/jaw, which is often brought up in conversation by those around him. It is jokingly rumoured that he once used it to cut glass during a jewellery store robbery.

Conner is somewhat of a lone-wolf, he enjoys liberating warehouses of the valuables they hold, earning him a reputation of being a "warehouse god". He is also known to be fast on his feet, and has eluded the SASP in foot chases on multiple occasions after robbing warehouses.

After leaving to drive a snow-plow in North Yankton during in 2018, Conner returned to Los Santos in early 2019, with the addition of a pony-tail and unkempt beard.