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Crisanto Jones (CJ or Cris for short) is a Half Filipino Half African American goon that you'll usually see smoking joints and chillin' most of the time, or riding around on his BMX.


Early Days[]

Was born into a middle to high class family. Cris grew up in a pretty "normal" environment in Las Venturas when he was a kid. He lived in a quite expensive condo where all the rich folks lived. He was never spoiled though as a kid. Cris never wanted anything, or asked for anything. That was mainly his younger sister, Vanessa. She was a brat about it, and did enjoy what their parents would give them as an allowance, also eventually became a nurse when she got older. Cris wanted to earn his money, and his parents respected his wishes, but they also felt insulted as well. He started working at a mechanic shop as a janitor, since he didn't know anything about cars, but liked driving them. He'd experience all sort of things while working there. He'd work late and witness all the deals and sketchy people coming by asking for the boss. Kept his mouth shut most times. His parents would get worried that he was home late, and tried to restrict him, but he wasn't about it. His dad would get furious and yell at him constantly, and he would beat him at times where he thought he was being disrespectful. His father told Cris if he didn't want to live there, and wanna be a normal kid then pack his shit and get out. That's exactly what Cris did. His parents divorced a year later, and they took his mother's last name, but was always told he looked, and acted like his father. Cris stayed with his boss who was nice enough to let him stay there. He'd see all kinds of drugs, and firearms around the place, which in time got into that life of crime; something he could not go back from. She saw some promise and gave him jobs with her crew to do. Got him used to the life on the streets. He wasn't a dumbass either. Cris learned how to defend himself with his dad, and Denzel Jones taught him how to fight when he was younger. He knew how to throw down and get back up. He was smart and clever too, but also a goof at times.

One-Way to Los Santos[]

Cris went on a little vacation to see his grandma back in the Philippines, and then when he came back heard his little sister was hanging with drug dealers after working at the hospital. She got caught in a lot of shit, and eventually died from overdosing on heroin. Cris was pissed as all hell. Went back to his boss's place, and asked for a gun to kill that SOB. She stopped and made him think first, so he wasn't going in blind. Then he told her the story, and said she'd help with her crew. Then he took a M9 Beretta, murdered out his apparel, and a black bandana wrapped around his nose & mouth. That night he went to confront them, but did it sneaky first. They knocked out the drunk fools chilling outside, and then went into the club they were occupying, and confronted them; asking for the head honcho. A good group of 8 of them, including his boss, came up to the guy, "Yo bitch. This... is for my sister you piece of fucking shit!" He pointed the gun, and began a huge shootout at the club. A lot of bodies from both sides went down. When his boss went down after it had been done. She was on her last breaths. "Cris... get the fuck out of here. See her family and get out" ... Trying to hold back tears. He nodded and ran out before cops showed up. He went back to her place, changed into something clean, and went to their parents' place. He came home and their parents bawled their eyes out, hugged him tight. Disregarding any sort of resentment towards each other. They planned the funeral and had it the following days. He told them he was leaving Las Venturas. Picked out Los Santos for a fresh new start. He didn't really have many friends left to leave behind, so he said goodbye to the few that he still had, and packed some stuff, then dipped out to Los Santos, San Andreas.

One-Way out of Los Santos[]

Crisanto decided that he wanted to live with his girlfriend, Isabeau Donner, and staying there. It was after Forum Drive Families, 88set, was dissolved after everyone moved away from the block, and not really repping colors anymore. He packed his things, and headed to the airport. He looked back before opening the door, seeing sun slower lower itself into the sunset. "Peace, LS." Cris opens the door, and leaves Los Santos behind.