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Curtis McNeil is a trooper with the San Andreas State Police.


McNeil was raised by his parents David and Elaine McNeil in Algonquin, Liberty City. David was a prominent banker, and Elaine was a stay-at-home mom. By the time he was 11 years old, his parents were killed by a car jacking turned murder, in broad daylight, by gang members who were trying to earn their way into a gang.

McNeil was passed around between his Aunt Meredith in Dukes, and several foster families throughout Liberty City. By the time he was 18, he had seen the various sides of the city, and he had a fair amount of street smarts. He made some poor decisions while he was growing up in these foster homes, but luckily it wasn't ever significant enough to get him caught or landed in juvie.

Over time, he found odd jobs and by the time he was 21, he was working as a mechanic at a garage out in Bohan. One day, he was working on a car that needed repainting when he noticed the car had some strange body work done to a side panel. Upon further inspection, Curtis realized it was concealing a shipment of cocaine. Before he could even do anything, black SUVs and cars swarmed in along with a small army of officers and armed men.

It was the LCPD, and the vehicle was a mule car for a local criminal syndicate. McNeil was caught in the middle of a sting operation that went too early. After a brief interrogation by the detectives, McNeil was cleared, and agreed to assist in the sting and helped organize a do-over. The car was brought back to the shop. McNeil went back to work, and one day later when the owners came to collect it, the LCPD swarmed in. Every bit of cocaine was seized and over a dozen arrests came from the sting. McNeil was appreciated for his assistance, and one of the lead detectives suggested that McNeil might be cut out for police and undercover work...

A short time later, Officer Curtis McNeil was graduating from academy and, within almost record time, applying to become a Detective. However, before he could make detective, the department hit a massive budget crisis and had to begin cutting officers. McNeil was subsequently laid off from the department and offered a small relocation budget for a transfer to Los Santos, San Andreas and LSPD.

Entering Los Santos[]

After relocating to Los Santos, McNeil met several of the LEOs, including Major Mike Boscoreli. The Major has been eager to provide information and ride-a-longs for McNeil while he waited for his academy class. But, during this time, there was information that a dangerous man named Sunny Corleone was determined to commit suicide by cop.

While on a ridealong with the Major, the two were in a chase, pursuing Sunny. McNeil spotted the car and pointed it out to the Major. When their squad car pulled up behind the Futo that Sunny was in, Corleone exited the vehicle and opened fire. McNeil ducked for cover behind the dashboard as the Major exited the vehicle and returned fire. The Major was downed and injured, Corleone fled, and McNeil rushed to the Major's aid. EMS arrived in record time and ushered McNeil into the back of another squad car as they tended to the Major. This was McNeil's first major encounter with the criminal world in Los Santos.

McNeil was then taken by Officer Taylor to Mission Row. Thanks to McNeil's eyewitness account, they were able to accurately find evidence and secure the scene. However, as the situation escalated, becoming too dangerous, McNeil was no longer able to accompany any officers on ride-a-longs. As he began walking back to his motel, he spotted Corleone in a vehicle waiting at the red light, which he reported to 911.

Shortly after, McNeil heard a massive eruption of gunfire nearby. The storage facility under Olympic freeway was a sea of red and blue lights, with echoing automatic gunfire. Curious and concerned for those responding, McNeil rushes over and stood nearby as he watched squad vehicles and ambulances rushed in to the scene. He wanted to help and assist them, but knew that he couldn't. Not yet. This event spurned him on towards wanting to help his fellow law enforcement officers once he'd graduate his academy class.


McNeil made it from Academy to full officer in 13 days. He was remarked several times as being a remarkable cadet and was highly regarded by all of the FTOs he trained under. Officer Jenna Haylen stated on more than one occasion she believed he would surpass everyone if he kept on this track. McNeil became laser focused and determined to excel and progress after Daniel Bishop promoted him to full officer.

Dangers of the Job[]

Shortly before his full promotion, McNeil was about to clock on for work at Mission Row when he was met by several men in the Mission Row parking lot, at gunpoint. Three masked men raced up on him, and began to rob him. After learning of his occupation as a law enforcement officer, they bound him, blindfolded him, and tossed him in the back seat of their car. They stole his gun, $2000 in cash from an ATM, and then dumped him in the desert up north. Jenna Haylen, Johnny Dazzler, and Lucas Miller all responded to his 911.

Moving forward McNeil started to slow down a bit on his shifts. He began taking more time off and remembering things outside of the PD, he began working on a hobby car in his garage, he tried giving his wife more attention - despite them not being together, and he made sure to keep his Community Police Work a top priority. During this new season of police work, he had several close calls, including having a bomb thrown at him during a traffic stop.

Shortly after returning to duty McNeil was brought in on a RICO raid. A massive raid of Logan Marshall, his close connections, and his assets took place. During the raid McNeil was tasked with being co-pilot for Air-1. McNeil and Owen Armstrong kept overwatch of the entire operation. This massive operation solidified his desire to get his air cert to keep watch over his brothers and sisters in blue.

Family Strife[]

McNeil suddenly disappeared from the city for almost 2 months without any contact or word to others. Then suddenly he reappeared on duty with little to no word. His Aunt, the one that tried to raise him for a brief time after his parents deaths, was on her deathbed. After years of separation and continued family tension, McNeil rushed back east to see her before she passed, hoping to mend the bitter family troubles.

His Aunt had always blamed Curtis for her sister's death. She stood on the ground that if they hadn't been rushing to get home to him that fateful night, when he was a child, they wouldn't have been killed. This mentality had been present when he was in her care, and was why he fled from her at a young age, ending up in foster care. Despite their history, he still tried to see her, but she refused to let him anywhere near her. He spent those 2 months trying to bring the small remains of his blood family together.

To his dismay, he failed and quietly returned to Los Santos. Only April, his separated wife, truly knows the reality that faces Curtis.

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