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Cyrus Mercer (born August 19th, 1994) is the disgraced son of two wealthy tech moguls, and a former student of Harvard Law School (former due to being expelled). He moved to Los Santos in hopes of building a life of his own, out of the view of his parents, and without their resources or influence swaying things one way or another.


A Family Legacy[]

Early Life[]

Born to Christopher and Kerri Mercer, Cyrus is the youngest of his triplet siblings, being born after his brother Archie and his sister Natalie. The three of them are the youngest of Christopher and Kerri's children, being born after their older siblings, Janine and Solomon. From a young age, they were all emotionally neglected, as their parents saw emotional warmth and care to be a waste of time, and preferred to focus on their highly successful tech business. While the children had hired caretakers, and Janine and Solomon seemingly were unbothered by the family dynamic, it wasn't enough to make up for the lack of parental love for the triplets. Archie, the ever-intelligent polymath, buried himself in books to fill the hole in his heart. Natalie, the charismatic extrovert, made up for her lack of loving parents by making endless amounts of caring friends. Cyrus, with no massive intellect or overwhelming charisma, sought to rebel against his parents for their lack of care.

Beginning from the time Cyrus could walk and talk, he was acting out, trying desperately to get some form of attention from his parents. However, no matter what he did, it seemed that they had no intention to give him any form of attention, even negative; rather allowing the hired caretakers to discipline Cyrus. This changed, however, when Cyrus entered elementary school. He snuck a pistol out of his father's office, and brought it to "show and tell" at school, prompting a lockdown and the 7-year old Cyrus being detained by police. Rather than his hired caretakers arriving at the school as Cyrus had grown accustomed to after many Parent-Teacher Meetings, his mother and father came, along with their personal assistant. As their personal assistant took Cyrus to the car to leave, he watched as his parents handed large amounts of cash to law enforcement and the principal, telling them to keep the identity of "the culprit" quiet.

Once Cyrus was in middle school, his rebellious acts had only worsened. His parents were spending tens of thousands of dollars a month trying to keep his mayhem quiet, doing everything they could (aside from parenting, of course) to prevent their youngest child's behavior from affecting their own reputation. After Cyrus was found out for sleeping with the mayor's son, however, it wasn't his parents that had had enough - It was his oldest brother, Solomon. Solomon, who had become even more obsessed with the family's image than their parents, decided that Cyrus was too much of a risk for the family. He brought Cyrus out into the woods of the family's property, and took out their father's gun - The same gun which Cyrus had brought to school years before - And shot him twice in the torso, leaving him to die as he returned to the house. However, he was shocked when his younger brother returned to the house, bleeding, their parents quickly calling for an ambulance.

This incident resulted in Solomon being perceived as the problem child; and soon enough, after a visit from “Uncle Jeremy”, Solomon was abruptly in an accident - His funeral following soon afterwards. Broken by her brother’s death, Janine became deranged and mentally unstable, and was quickly and quietly put into a mental asylum in Canada - While Christopher and Kerri publicly claimed that Janine was studying abroad.


While Cyrus never by any means should have graduated high school (he never attended his classes, did any schoolwork, etc.), his parents could not deal with the shame of having a child who didn’t make it through high school, and paid a large amount of money to the school for Cyrus to graduate with high honors, as if he had been the best student they’d ever had. But, it didn’t stop there. They demanded that Cyrus become a child worth being proud of; a child worth paying attention to. While Cyrus protested, a visit from “Uncle Jeremy” was enough to convince him to agree to attending Harvard Law School, due to his parents paying the institution a large amount of money to accept him. (Think Lori Loughlin-style college admissions scandal)

However, the threats of his parents and “Uncle” were not enough to break Cyrus from his habits. Upon attending Harvard, Cyrus never attended a single class, rather focusing on partying, alcohol, and sex. A few months into his time at Harvard, however, his doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in his back. While they caught it in time to safely remove it and treat him, it gave Cyrus an abrupt reminder of his mortality at a young age - And rather than taking it as a sign to change his ways, Cyrus had a brief depressive episode, in which he was easily taken advantage of by a number of his fellow students, and even a few of his professors. However, when he snapped out of this episode, he sought to end things with these students and professors. Out of fear of losing their jobs or reputations, the professors all went to the Dean, telling them that Cyrus had been the one to come on to them, resulting in Cyrus being quickly expelled from Harvard.

This outraged Cyrus’ parents, who had finally had enough of his problems risking their reputation. They hired a hitman, and told him to kill Cyrus - And ensure his body was never found. The hitman quickly tracked Cyrus down, and gave him the opportunity to speak his last words. Cyrus utilized the opportunity to explain everything; his parents, the time Solomon tried to kill him, the threats, and what happened to make his parents hire him. The hitman, taken aback by the story, opted to shoot Cyrus once; then told him that if he survived the bullet, to start over somewhere.

Cyrus, after surviving the gunshot wound due to calling in a favor from a doctor and nurse he’d slept with at one point, decided to follow the hitman’s advice. He told his brother and sister, Archie and Natalie, what had happened, and how to contact him if they needed to, and got on a plane to San Andreas.

A Life of His Own[]

Los Santos[]

After arriving in Los Santos, one of the first people Cyrus met was Juniper Mack, who was homeless and asking if he had any drugs.

Played By: CyrusMercer
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