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Dan Dorfman is a former freelance reporter in Los Santos for WVT-TV News who became an investigator for the Los Santos Department of Justice, then later under the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.


Dan Dorfman is originally from Albuquerque, NM and lives there with his wife and two children. He transits from there to Los Santos every day for work. As a part of his former work as a reporter, he kept an extremely detailed journal on him at all times (current as of March 29th, 2018 when received by Johnny Dazzler).

Dorfman has been involved in nearly all aspects of the crime world and police force in Los Santos and Blaine County. He frequently receives information from criminals, civilians, police, and informants alike. He has been present for the Bank Truck Heist on March 10th, 2018, along with multiple other influential events in the city. Typically, he works alongside Tobius Huxley or occasionally Jessi Vara as camera people.

Dan Dorfman's last broadcast as of his shooting is titled "The Beauty of Los Santos".

The Shooting of Dan Dorfman[]

On March 26th 2018, Dan Dorfman went out to the diner on Great Ocean Highway with Tobius Huxley at the request of someone called "SS" over text in order to give them cash to get them out of the city. "SS" was supposed to have a gun that was used to murder a councilman and his wife that they would turn over to the police for evidence. As soon as he got out of his car, Dan was put at gunpoint by a man in a red Japanese demon mask as Tobius held an automatic weapon and told him to put his hands up. He was driven out to Catfish View and ordered to hand over the $10k. The last words Dan heard before he was gunned down by the both of them was "Sydney Shaw sends her regards". After a hiker called in his lifeless body, EMS and troopers arrived and performed CPR for well over 10 rounds despite having no pulse for minutes. He miraculously regained a faint pulse as he was being rushed to Pillbox Medical and made it into the ICU alive. Currently, he has been transported out of state and back to an ICU in Albuquerque to recover.

As of May 2018, Dan Dorfman has made his recovery and returned to Los Santos to assist in further court cases.